Saheli Shegadi

Energy Efficient & smokeless wood and coal stove which работа can be used for cooking tandoor and also everyday food with this easy to use and maintain stove.

Leading Brand In Wood & Coal Stove

Saheli Shegadi delivers better fuel efficiency and also produces less ash than other stoves in the market. Saheli Shegadi’s wood and coal stove can be used for domestic as well as for commercial use whether it is used at tea stalls or at dhaba’s or hotels.

Very easy to maintain with a strong and durable body with blower control feature that can help ccoking tandoor items and also for normal day to day cooking.

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Saheli Shegadi Domestic Use Square

Domestic Use

Whether it is used in Urban homes or Rural it serves the purpose for all. From everyday cooking to making tandoor food items on this wood and coal stove.

Saheli Shegadi commercial Use

Commercial USe

From tea stalls to dhabas to restaurants all are demanding this wood and coal stove. As it is economical and easy to maintain and to use.


Best in class built with features making it absolute value for money. We provide for domestic as well as for commercial purposes. Learn more about the features of Saheli Shegadi

60-70% Fule Saving

Uses less than half of fuel to cook same meal on other stoves, making it fuel efficient.

Blower To Control Flame

Adjustable flame with easy switch to control the blower.

2-3 Units Electricity To Charge Monthly

Solar battery charging facility for blower also consumes less electricity to charge.

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Different Forms Of Fuel Can Be Used

Wood, Coal, Farm Waste, White coal, Briquette etc can be used for fuel.

Emits Less Smoke & Ash

Emits very less ash and also smoke compared to other stoves available in the market.

Lightweight, strong & durable

The body of the stove is lightweight, durable and strong enough for rough use.


Saheli Shegadi’s wood and coal stove is multipurpose as it can be used for various purposes. A stove that is made for the rural as well as urban people and its kitchens.


Cooking Food

Cook everyday meals with this Saheli Shegadi’s stove.


Boiling Water

Being fuel efficient this is the perfect stove to boil water in large quantity.



With adjustable flame controller it is very easy to cook food tandoori style, for veg and non-veg.

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Saheli Shegadi - Wood and Coal Stove - Customers Using Saheli Shegadi 3
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Dealership Network

Our dealership network is robust and vast providing service and delivery across the country of India.

Creditable Integrity

Our approach is to produce and deliver the best product at affordable prices in India.

Effective Team Work

We believe in team work and we have achieved all our success through team work.

Expert Advice

We also provide consulting services to others.

Quality Assurance

We have received accolades for providing best quality for such affordable price.

About Us

About Our Company

Saheli Shegadi is the subsidiary product of Vrundavan Poly Engineering established in the year 2007. We have developed this stove keeping in mind the rural and urban demand for it, also keeping in mind the affordability for poor as well rich people as well. With increasing demand from various cities and states all over from India for domestic as well as for commercial use. With various commercial hotels / Dhabas / Restaurants looking to cook food on tandoor grill this shegadi gives them the best result.

Various types of fuels can be used to make this stove versatile and multipurpose, from wood to coal to even farm waste or briquette.

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